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ZS Consulting
ZS Consulting is a Melbourne based engineering consultancy providing structural and civil engineering services for residential, industrial and commercial projects.
Our Services

ZS Consulting engineers have experience with projects of varying size and complexity ranging between multi-million dollar commercial and industrial projects to smaller residential projects and are proficient with all structural systems and materials.

Our services can be utilised at any phase of a project starting from the initial concept through to the construction completion

Structural Design

Sketch scheme design and advice on design for preliminary cost estimates. Detailed drawings and technical specification ready for tender / construction. Assist in the selection of specialised consultants.

Civil Design

Liaise with consultants and regulatory bodies on your behalf, while delivering the documentation over the line.

Design Services

Full coordinated design and contract supervision service.

Planning your Projects

Our involvement throughout your project phases can include:

– Sketch scheme designs with a number of feasible options prior to obtaining town planning permit;
– Dilapidation surveys;
– Detailed design and planning (on preferred option) with Certificate of Compliance prior to obtaining building permit;
– Construction supervision with fast and cost effective structural solutions (and engineering certification); and
– Supporting documentation upon completion of the project.